The First Adventure: The Story of How I Saved the Universe (or 'Every Time You Stab a Man in the Uvula, a Depressed Alcoholic Gets His Wings')

by Evan Forman and Michael Robertson - 16.11.2013 (Updated 18.04.15)

Aerin Liette was a failed writer living in an inn in increasingly disreputable shape, awash with existential despair, his empty head ringing hollow as he smacked it against his desk. He rotted in his chair for days as if waiting for inspiration to simply fall out of the sky. And then it did. JOHN BOSS explodes onto the scene and the scene explodes with him!

Aerin is propelled into an epic quest involving a blood feud that has boiled for untold generations and taken one gallant knight to every corner of the known world in pursuit of that moustachioed madman, JOHN BOSS! Aerin follows the knight to the jaw-dropping conclusion of his lifelong pursuit, unaware that he is embarking on a journey that will decide the fate of the entire universe forever, a partnership that the gods themselves cannot break, and a decent-paying gig with opportunities for travel. Based on a true story.

The Second Adventure: A Cat Called Britain (A Caper in Time Part 1)

by Evan Forman and Michael Robertson - 22.12.14

They die.

2014 Christmas Special: No Room at the Inn (Cheeping up with the Christs)

by Evan Forman and Michael Robertson - 25.12.14

Ho ho ho! It's time for some festive cheer with the first ever John Boss Christmas special!

The Third Adventure: Action, That's How! (A Caper in Time Part 2)

by Evan Forman and Michael Robertson - One Chapter a Week Starting 27.11.16

John Boss and Aerin Liette continue their fight for survival in the hostile world of 2214. John Boss reclaims his title as the most wanted man on Wurld after his performance at the Dryadoran Amphitheatre! Aerin embeds himself in an old and secret rebellion against the Elvin regime, and both of our heroes must figure out how to defeat Zaedar and return to their home in the year 2014!

2016 Christmas Special: Christmas on Cadilay Avenue

by Rosé LaVee, Boris Markov, and Torch Arenen - 25.12.16

Gather your loved ones around the computer and prepare to partake in a fun easy read that's been specially optimised for humans.

John Boss & Susan Dangerous: A Christmas Special

by Michael Robertson (feat. Evan Forman) - 25.12.18

The defining pop culture crossover of 2018.