Me, the day after Alcon 2014, looking suspiciously like a spokesperson for Lucozade.

Hi there! My name's Michael and I'm a writer from the UK. My time is usually spent either writing The Actiontacular Adventures of John Boss with Evan Forman or writing episodes of Once Upon a Future, both of which are hosted on this website. As well as stories, I also post reviews and articles covering various topics in pop culture, usually sci-fi and even more usually Doctor Who.

If you want to get in touch, you can email me at michael@tarminuus.co.uk.

The site's layout was designed by Evan Forman who has also written several of the stories on it. You can find him on Twitter @Evan_Forman.

This website was created on the 11th of February, 2011.

What I'm Working on Right Now

My main goal right now is finishing the first Once Upon a Future book. I'm also working on my own fantasy novel, some more stories for 10,000 Dawns, and I've recently finished a story that will appear in an exciting new anthology coming soon.