Hi there! My name's Michael and I'm a writer from the UK. Ever since I started this website in 2011, it's been an amazing outlet for me - a nice little escape from life where I can share fiction I'm working on or thoughts on TV shows I'm watching. The big main fiction things on this site are The Actiontacular Adventures of John Boss and Once Upon a Future, two ongoing series of short stories that I write with Evan Forman. I also have posts about Star Wars, RWBY, and my big obsession Doctor Who.

The site's layout was designed by Evan Forman who has also written several of the stories on it. You can find him on Twitter @Evan_Forman.

This website was created on the 11th of February, 2011.

What I'm Working on Right Now

Me and Evan are hard at work doing big structural edits to the first Once Upon a Future book, and I'm really excited by the progress we're making. I've also finished writing short stories for a few upcoming anthologies, including 10,000 Dawns: Lady Aesculapius - Series 1 (which I've also co-edited).