Cwej: Down the Middle

I wrote a short story called Collective Unconscious for Cwej: Down the Middle, the first in a series of anthologies starring Doctor Who expanded universe companion Chris Cwej. The book was released on the 29th of October 2020 (although my story was first released online earlier as a preview) and you can pick up a copy on Amazon UK here.

GoblinPunk Tales

I wrote one of the stories in GoblinPunk Tales, a collection released in December 2018 to tie in to the release of a new roleplaying module called GoblinPunk from Shotgun Angel Games. My story is called An Ill-Conceived Rivalry and you can learn more about the collection, as well as where to pick up a copy, by going to the Shotgun Angel Games website here.

10,000 Dawns: Poor Man's Iliad
I'm one of the many writers who contribute to 10,000 Dawns, a sci-fi shared universe created by James Wylder (@arcbeatle). You can visit his website here. Poor Man's Iliad is the first 10kd anthology, released in 2018, and I have two stories in it: The Shipyard of Death and The Odyssey 2 (in 5D Technicolor!). You can buy the anthology on Amazon US and Amazon UK.