She-Hulk Episode 7 + 8 Review

Episode 7: Fine.

Episode 8: The best one since Episode 4. The superhero stuff, the lawyer stuff, and the relationship stuff perfectly blend together as Jen Walters flirts with a superhero lawyer. Frogman is a shockingly good villain - he even has his own themed lair and everything. They squeezed every joke they could out of the set-up, like the Frogger arcade machine and the goons being called tadpoles. The distinction between goons and henchmen was great and an example of those three parts of the show blending together so well - it analyses a trope of superhero fiction, it's the sort of distinction in terminology a lawyer would make, and it made for cute relationship banter. It's just good writing.

Of course this is the big Daredevil episode and they did everything you could've wanted them to do. We got Matt in the courtroom, Matt chilling out in a more informal setting at the bar, Matt inspiring She-Hulk with some quotes about superheroing, She-Hulk fighting Daredevil, She-Hulk working with Daredevil, and a fight in a hallway with Netflix lighting. This is a perfect crossover. It went down the list of necessary scenes and moments efficiently and entertainingly. Interacting with another superhero lawyer also advanced Jen's journey nicely and it's cool to see her in costume. This episode had the wit and scale and memorable one-off characters that the start of the show had. Also Luke continues to be great.