She-Hulk Episode 9 - Finale Review

I like that the big climactic sequence of this finale wasn't an action scene but a fourth wall break. There's obviously nothing wrong with action scenes in superhero shows - they are kind of the point. But the fourth wall break was fun and sticks in the memory far more than a punch-up would have. I do sort of wish there had been more of an escalation to the breaks across the season though. 9 weeks is a long enough period of time that Jen talking to the camera stopped being a jolting surprise long ago and just became business as usual. Then we suddenly go from business as usual to her talking to the writers and confronting K.E.V.I.N.. A series of more and more outlandish fourth wall breaks building up to it would've kept the show engaging and 'Sensational', like her old comic title.

What features of Disney+ could they have played with? They could've made a joke out of the movie or show that gets recommended to you after you finish watching something. Like in a post-credit scene Jen could've said something about being the only Marvel hero who breaks the fourth wall, then the video minimises and you're recommended Deadpool. Or the 'skip intro' button could've been used as a 'skip exposition' button during a dialogue-heavy scene. They could've really played around with stuff, making the fourth wall breaks bigger and more clever until culminating in the K.E.V.I.N. ending. Whatever, the K.E.V.I.N. ending was fun without being too self-congratulatory, although it would've been nice to have maybe a few more gags about genuine MCU criticisms just to make sure.

Ending aside, this finale was okay. Ultimately I could go for another season, maybe with a few less episodes so they can be as stuffed full as the first few were.

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