She-Hulk Episode 5 + 6 Review

Episodes 5 and 6 are fine although it is a bit of a shame we're doing the mid-season dip with this show too. Episode 4 is still the highlight for me - sharp comedy, fun action, and memorable one-off characters (maybe the wedding in Episode 6 needed a little Madisynn?). These two middle instalments feel a lot less full and are starting to stretch out certain jokes a bit too far.

Episode 5 for example brings back the 'talking about your romantic life during a legal case' thing, with the witnesses being all the guys Jen dated in Episode 4. I get what they're doing here - Jen hated the name She-Hulk and now she's being forced to embrace it and even defend her use of it. It's a decent character arc well executed. Nothing about it is bad, the gag's just less funny the more it's used. Maybe we could've met some new guys Jen dated off screen to provide new laughs?

The 'talking about your romantic life during a legal case' thing is way more entertaining in Episode 6 with Mr Immortal and his spouses. It's a funny idea and the show gets exactly as much out of his routine as they need to considering it's only the B storyline. It's a shame there's not something bigger happening with Jen in that episode's A storyline. Her fight with Titania isn't that deep emotionally or impressive physically. Blimey, what a miserable review. I do still like She-Hulk, both the character and the show. Both of these episodes were absolutely fine. The cast is still entertaining and the TV sitcom vibe that's honest about being a TV sitcom instead of trying to be as big as a blockbuster film is still refreshing.

As far as memorable one-off characters go, the only one who comes close to Madisynn level is Luke Jacobson, the fashion designer from Episode 5. He has a great energy to him. Edna Mode but he can say spicy words like 'shit' is a pretty good premise for a character in your superhero comedy show. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of him later but for now he's good fun. Of course we had the set-up at the end of Episode 5 that a certain Netflix-based superhero will show up soon. Honestly I thought we'd be seeing more of him in this considering he's a lawyer too but alas there are only three episodes left. I hope it all comes together for a strong finish.