She-Hulk Episode 1 + 2 Review

Hey, so She-Hulk's pretty good so far. I wasn't really that hyped for it but two weeks in it's a solid way to spend 30 minutes a week. That run time is strange actually - I don't mind these episodes being tiny even though for any other Disney+ show short episodes is a huge frustration. The only other time I didn't mind episodes this short was Wandavision, because those opening episodes are just full episodes of a sitcom, start to finish, complete with A and B storylines.

She-Hulk is evidence that a Disney+ episode doesn't need to be long to be good, it just needs to be full. 'Full' doesn't mean action-packed, since there isn't any action in Episode 2. So far, She-Hulk's episodes are stuffed. I was getting a bit tired of these MCU shows not giving us the title superhero in full costume doing their thing until midway through the finale, but here we have She-Hulk getting her name, her powers, her premise as a superhero lawyer, and some training to become proficient enough to be entertaining, all in the first 2 parts of this 9-part series. A more tedious version of this show following the standard 6-episode model might have ended Episode 1 with the car crash and her first transformation reflected in the car door.

The most important thing about this show is Jennifer Walters herself, and Tatiana Maslany is great. Her performance makes it more than okay that we're blasting through the set-up at a million miles a minute because she silently fills in the nuances. When talking to Abomination in his cell in Episode 2, we understand without a line spelling it out that Jen is helping him because she too just wants to live a normal life and escape the cell her new powers and fame have put her in. The fourth wall breaks flow really nicely too, feeling effortless and charming.

We'll have to wait and see whether the middle starts to slow down but so far there's plenty of plot to go around. The current Abomination case is exciting and it'll heat up further when Wong arrives and we get the explanation of what they were both doing in Shang-Chi. There's also the subplot with He-Hulk going to space and the promise of Daredevil appearing at some point beyond Episode 4. And that's just what we currently know about - apparently this show is going to be a cameo-fest. A lawyer show dealing with a new case every few episodes is certainly a fine vehicle for cameos and there are enough original new characters popping up in these cases like Titania and Frog-Man to avoid the problem of making the MCU feel too small.

The first two episodes have me hooked. I hope to every god Gorr hasn't butchered that the show keeps this up.