She-Hulk Episode 3 Review

The show is, at least for now, keeping this up. Another stuffed episode, another runtime in the 30-40 minute range that nevertheless felt huge. We wrapped the Abomination case in fine time, giving it two episodes and not dragging it out. On top of that we had new stuff - a whole other case with some New Asgardian worldbuilding, Wong showing up, Megan Thee Stallion of all people showing up, and the MCU now has a version of the Wrecking Crew. I love how quickly we're moving and how much each episode is able to achieve.

In just three weeks we already have She-Hulk's status quo firmly in place. The only big thing she doesn't have yet is her superhero outfit but her formal lawyer suits are as much a part of her look as her purple comic costume is. They have to save something for the finale, right?

So much happens in these episodes and there's absolutely no room for filler. It's just world building, character development, plot, and gags. When Jen sees on the news that Abomination was part of an illegal cameo in Shang-Chi, we jump to her confronting him about it in his cell. When Abomination tells her that Wong was the one who broke him out, we jump to Nikki having already looked Wong up. The speed at which the plot develops, where characters get ideas and we cut to them having already acted on those ideas, mirrors the immediacy of social media and the news cycle that's having such an impact on Jen's life. One news person asks if she was rejected by the Avengers, then another overhears and parrots it as a new rumour that's circulating. It's so well put together. This show has an incredible flow to it.

The MCU connections also make it feel big. The backstory behind Wong and Abomination's fight in Shang-Chi is briefly explained and it's as much of an explanation as that cameo needs. Runa the Light Elf from New Asgard is a lot of fun too, and I loved Megan Thee Stallion's related cameo. The perfectly timed pause between 'there's only one Megan Thee Stallion!' and the little 'ah!' had me howling.

Just as this initial arc with Jen's first superhuman case ends, we get the arrival of the Wrecking Crew to set-up a big mysterious villain who wants her blood. There's some real momentum behind this show and I'm looking forward to next week's episode. Despite what Jen said in the pre-title sequence though, I do expect some kinda cameo every week...