My Predictions for The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale

This post contains spoilers for The Mandalorian - everything up to and including Chapter 14 (Episode 6 of Season 2). Incidentally, I love the numbering of episodes across seasons to make the whole thing feel like one coherent story broken up into production batches rather than a whole new story every year. It's neat.

Oh, and on the subject of episode names, the last episode of the show is obviously going to be called The Way, right?

I'm loving Season 2 so far. It's such a fun trip to the galaxy far, far away every week. The way it's drawing from all sorts of media - Cobb Vanth from the novels, Ahsoka Tano from the animated shows, Tython from the novels and games, etc. - makes it feel like a big central hub for all of Star Wars storytelling. I think this big crossover feeling is what makes the promise of a Jedi arriving in the next few episodes so exciting. In Season 1, I never would've guessed Cal Kestis or Ezra Bridger or Luke Skywalker could show up for a cameo but now it wouldn't even be that surprising. It's so cool to have broken through that barrier of expectations. Now, anyone could turn up and anything could happen.

So here are my predictions for the last two episodes of Season 2. I think next episode, Chapter 15, is mainly going to be about assembling the Avengers to go get Grogu back (excellent name by the way, perfectly cute and alien and different from 'Yoda'). It's the same structure as Season 1 - meeting a new character each week before bringing them all together to help save the child at the end. They probably couldn't repeat this structure for Season 3 but for Season 2 it works and there's more than enough going on in the specifics to make it not just a copy of last year. It's a solid formula for an Adventure of the Week show to reuse.

The team currently consists of Din Djarin, Fennec Shand, and Boba Fett. Cara Dune was seen at the end of Chapter 14 but I'm not sure if she'll be coming along now that she's part of the New Republic. I'm sure she'll help though even if she's not actually present they all storm the Empire's ship. I'd expect Greef Karga to tag along though, and this might be an opportunity to develop him separately from Cara so the two don't play identical roles in the show going forward. We also know Din is going to get Migs Mayfeld out of prison - I'd expect a cameo from the rest of the Chapter 6 squad but it'd be too dangerous to have them all along for the ride.

I'm also expecting the Space Avengers to run into Bo-Katan and her Mando team from Chapter 11, because we know she's also hunting Moff Gideon. I think Season 2 will end with her getting the darksaber back and leaving to go retake Mandalore, which will probably be the big galaxy-changing arc of the entire Mandalorian show. Before she gets the darksaber back though, obviously Din has to wield it briefly, and Moff Gideon has to use it in a lightsaber duel with the mysterious Jedi.

Oh yeah, so this Jedi. Right now, I think it's Luke. If it's Ezra, how is this not just the Star Wars Rebels sequel show? I mean, it COULD be the Star Wars Rebels sequel show and I wouldn't have a problem with that, but why cram two shows together when you could give them both room to breathe? Will it be Cal Kestis? Anything is possible after Cobb Vanth, but they'd have to age up Cameron Monaghan quite a bit, and like with Ezra I want to see Cal's story continue in a place where it can be the main focus. I adore Jedi Fallen Order and I can't wait for the sequel. To me, The Mandalorian doesn't seem like the place for his next big quest.

There is a tiny chance they could introduce a new Jedi character. There's also a tiny chance they could confirm a previously dead Jedi is actually alive. Maybe old man Mace Windu will show up with a robot hand. I might love that actually. But no, personally, I think Luke is who we're getting. What the show needs is a character to fill the role of 'mysterious Jedi teacher', and during this time period that's Luke Skywalker. I'm expecting a limited cameo with Rogue One de-aging technology rather than a recast - we all know what Luke is supposed to look like. Sometimes digital faces can look off, but I'd rather have a poor quality image of an accurate face than a crystal clear 4k image of an inaccurate face. Or to put it another way, I'd prefer a badly done CGI Mark Hamill to Sebastian Stan. Sebastian Stan has his own Disney+ show coming out though so he shouldn't be too offended. I'd also would prefer a CGI Sebastian Stan to play the Winter Soldier over casting Mark Hamill.

While I'm on the subject of Jedi, Chapter 15 might have a short scene where the Mando goes back to Corvus to get Ahsoka, only for the new friendly magistrate to say she's moved on. Maybe Ahsoka will show up at the end, but I'm not expecting her to. It'd be weird for her to tell Grogu to call out to another Jedi to come help him, then go to help him herself.

I think the mysterious Jedi showing up will be the cliffhanger of Chapter 15, then Chapter 16 is going to be Everyone Versus Everyone. Obviously they have to do Din Djarin, Boba Fett, and Bo-Katan fighting together. They also have to do the Jedi and Moff Gideon duelling. In the end, Grogu will likely stay with Din and Din will accept that he has to take on a more active fatherly role, rather than just being a taxi service to get Grogu home. Then I think the focus of the show will then shift to finding a home not just for Grogu but for Din too, which means retaking Mandalore so they can settle down as a family.

Whatever happens, the journey getting there is so much fun. I love The Mandalorian and I'm so thankful they went with a weekly release schedule rather than just dumping it all on Disney+ at once. The suspense of not knowing what's going to happen is absolutely part of the show. It's what makes Star Wars on TV different from Star Wars on film. It's great having something to look forward to every week, and I trust the writers of this show to deliver a decent finale.

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