Advent Calendar 2017! - Day 23



Version: A Flintstones Christmas Carol (1994, dir. Joanna Romersa)

Thank god, we're back on the good ones. Here's a full and complete Scrooge/urchin scene that features everything an urchin scene should. Scrooge talks to him from out the window (although the window is a little low for my tastes), he asks the urchin about the date, and then asks him to buy a turkey. Perfect. Why is that so hard for other adaptations to get right?

The animation in this one is quite good, and both Scrooge and the urchin have good strong designs that are simultaneously Dickensy and Cavemany. If nothing else, it's an aesthetic combination that lends itself to a more unique Scrooge nightgown and urchin cap, something a lot of the versions we've looked at lately have lacked. Even if the goal here is to replicate a default nightgown style within this setting, 'patterned like a cartoon dinosaur' is at least a more interesting default. The detail that the urchin is being sent to buy a prized turkeysaurus is also quite nice. The biggest deviation from the formula here is that the urchin throws a snowball at Scrooge when he first tries to get his attention. Unlike other deviations from previous days, this is one I like because it adds to the scene rather than subtracting. Overall, a decent version.

Framing 7 out of 10.
Scrooge's Reaction To The Date 8 out of 10.
Urchin Accent 10 out of 10.
Window Height 6 out of 10.
Scrooge Nightgown Quality 8 out of 10.
Urchin Cap Quality 7 out of 10.
Final Score 7.7 out of 10. Thank god we're back on good ones again.