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The Latest (as of the 16th of March 2018)

BIG HUGE MASSIVE NEWS! James Wylder, a good friend of mine, is running a kickstarter for Poor Man's Iliad, a sci-fi anthology set in the 10,000 Dawns universe. This anthology has a bunch of stories from different authors like James, Tim Sutton (Marble Hornets, Slender: the Arrival), Nathan P. Butler (Star Wars, WARS), Simon Bucher-Jones (Doctor Who, Faction Paradox), and...me! I've written a story called The Shipyard of Death that appear in Poor Man's Iliad Part 1 and another called Dollhouse which will be in Part 2. On top of that, one of the kickstarter stretch goals ($750) is that I'll write a brand new 10,000 Dawns story to be made available to backers first! Please check it out and give what you can to make sure this anthology gets released!

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Issue 3: Action, That's How! (A Caper in Time Part 2)

by Evan Forman and Michael Robertson - One Chapter a Week Starting 27.11.16

John Boss and Aerin Liette continue their fight for survival in the hostile world of 2214. John Boss reclaims his title as the most wanted man on Wurld after his performance at the Dryadoran Amphitheatre! Aerin embeds himself in an old and secret rebellion against the Elvin regime, and both of our heroes must figure out how to defeat Zaedar and return to their home in the year 2014!